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Make Your Product the Showpiece

Nothing is more important to you than your products. Whether they are on the store shelf, in trial or about to be launched, they are the cornerstone of everything you do.

You want the whole world to know about how and who your products help. You can make it happen with our 3D services.

  • See what your in trial products look like on the shelf.
  • Show them off at your next conference or event.
  • Get that extra edge for your latest marketing campaign.
  • Be compliant where 3D modelling is required.

We offer detailed 3D still shots, 360° fully rotatable PDFs to fully animated product demos and much more. Each year Perigord deals with over 60,000 artwork and labelling components from the world’s largest pharma’s. We advise our clients on industry best practice processes and how to stay ahead of regulatory changes and demands. That expertise and commitment to life science industry standard quality flows into our 3D services.


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