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Dublin City University Students Gives Perigord Wings.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

dcugroupDublin, Ireland, November 25th, 2010. Four Masters students of Business Studies in Marketing from DCU Business School were given the opportunity to gain hands on experience in client management whilst working on a co-operative project with the Perigord Group over a 6 month period between February and July 2010.

The Perigord Group, are a global artwork management company with its headquarters in Dublin. Students, Rosemary Clancy, Ian Hemmingway, Anton McMenamin and Eimear Murphy developed an Online Marketing Communications (OMC) strategy for the Perigord Group. The exceptionally high standard of work has been merited with the DCU Business Schools Best Practicum Award 2010.A practicum is an assignment designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied theory and is an alternative option to a thesis for students studying Marketing, e-Commerce or Business Management at Masters level in DCU.DCU has a mission to stimulate enterprise growth in the Northeast corridor of Ireland through research, education and support for enterprise development.

The collaborative work conducted by the Perigord Group practicum team is a product of this strategic vision."The engagement between the DCU MBS in Marketing students and Perigord is an exemplar of how Universities and businesses can work together for mutual benefit," said Dr. Theo Lynn, Director of Industry Engagement at DCU Business School.

He goes on "Perigord provided the top-down support needed to give the student team confidence but also credibility within Perigord. It also ensured that the findings and recommendations of the students could be validated by management experience and acted upon in a timely fashion by the student team and ultimately continued by Perigord. I believe both sides were enriched by the 6 month interaction’. Research conducted by DCU practicum team suggested a number of digital marketing tools and digital media channels which are to be of central importance to Perigord Group’s online marketing communications (OMC) strategy for the online global artwork management system, GLAMS.The core of the digital marketing plan was to increase Perigord’s reach and scope of their marketing materials and broadcasting ability,. The solution developed by DCU practicum team was virtuous cycle to include digital marketing elements such as; Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising and Online PR.The team presented their findings and recommendations at board level and went on to work on implementation of the reports with Perigord’s marketing team across the group’s five global offices.

‘We were delighted to participate in the DCU practicum and the team delivered a first class approach and tangible results for our company. The practicum model is refreshing with theory fused into practical results. For example, we recently used social media to communicate Perigord’s attendance at a number of global trade events in an effort to better connect with our customers.’ said Perigord Group C.E.O,. Alan Leamy.

About Dublin City University

Dublin City University is a young university, situated on an 85 acre campus three miles north of the River Liffey in the city centre and just a 15-minute drive from Dublin airport. The University was initially set up to fulfil the national requirement for a highly-trained workforce with skills in the areas of business, science and electronics, computer technology, communications and languages and as an agent for change in its local community. It was awarded university status in 1989 and was considered at the time to be an 'unconventional' university. It broke with the traditional mould and introduced a number of ideas, which had enormous impact on the Irish education system. DCU was the first university in Ireland to introduce work placement (INTRA) as part of its degree programmes.

About The Perigord Group

The Perigord Group, are a global artwork management company with its headquarters in Dublin. The group also has offices on the east and west coast of the USA and in the APAC region, Singapore and Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 1976, the group is a private company owned by Alan Leamy C.E.O and Paul Leamy C.T.O.The groups cutting edge product GLAMS or Global Artwork Management System is a collaborative system, which connects all stakeholders in the creation of marketing and packaging materials. Companies from all over the world are now using the solution to manage their brands, marketing and packaging assets.Ends............ Further Information…

Rosemary Clancy

Rosemary is a member of the LINK Research Centre in DCU Business School and is Project Co-ordinator for Techspectations; a digital participation initiative that aims to engage people, schools and businesses in the Information Society. In this role, Rosemary demonstrates an enthusiasm for engaging with experienced industry professionals and encourages them to share their knowledge at free business events and online seminars. Events organised to date are Get Digital and Get Mobile, both free mini-conferences held in DCU on digital marketing and mobile marketing related topics, with a combined attendance of over 650 business owners and students. Rosemary plans to nurture her interest in commercially focused research and strategy by continuing to work in a fast paced, challenging business consultancy firm in the future, or to continue to pursue further studies at DCU.

Ian Hemmingway

Since graduating Ian has secured an internship in the Marketing Department of Ovation Ireland, an agency specialising in the Business Tourism, Destination and Events Management. The digital marketing experience gained when working on the practicum was highlighted as a key attribute to success in the role by his new employers. Ian hopes to continue working in the tourism and events industry, with the long term goal of developing competencies to eventually lead a marketing team in an international event management firm.

Eimear Murphy

Since graduating Eimear has commenced employment with First Derivatives, a leading provider of products and consulting services to the capital markets industry. Using skills harnessed as a result of completing DCU's Masters in Marketing and working alongside the Perigord Group, Eimear is now responsible for developing and implementing the company's online marketing strategy.

Anton Mc Menamin

Since graduating Anton has secured a position as Client Service Executive with the PML Group. The PML Group are Out of Home communications specialists that focus on bringing more to clients advertising campaigns through a variety of out of home mediums. Anton’s shows professionalism and determinism in his work and is dedicated towards driving the success and growth of PML in the OOH communications industry.

Companies urged to take control of their marketing & packaging artwork and make attractive savings.

Thursday, April 08, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand, April 8th, 2010.

The Perigord Group today released the revolutionary Internet-based GLAMS BM, Global Artwork Brand Management System, to the New Zealand market. The online Artwork Management System has been developed to assist Brand Managers/Marketing Departments control and manage artwork from concept through to printing. It places total control over artwork in the customer’s hands, enabling better management of costs.

The system delivers a cutting edge workflow solution combined with an innovative Digital Asset Management (D.A.M) system. The introduction of the GLAMS Global Artwork Management System promises to bring new benefits to companies who produce volumes of artwork, such as marketing materials or packaging.

‘Kiwi companies are spending millions of dollars per annum on artwork but many may be failing to protect these assets adequately’ say Colm McGrath, Business Director with The Perigord Group. “The actual asset, which in artwork terms are the original digital files, can often end up left with the advertising or creative agency who produced the piece or on the desk of the printer, invariably not in the possession of the organisation which actually owns the asset!’.“This limits an organisation’s ability to re-purpose or leverage the asset, with agencies often charging retrieval or re-working fees for artwork and influencing the choice of print vender.”GLAMS BM is the latest release from the GLAMS product family.

GLAMS creates a central online storage area that accepts all files using recognised industry standards, to provide a single point of proof. GLAMS allows all involved parties to participate directly in the print production process to generate artwork in a unified tracking and management flow. GLAMS integrates with all aspects of the artwork life cycle according to and in compliance with relevant industry standards and the customer’s specific needs. “The GLAMS system leverages the inherent efficiencies of the Internet in a new generation solution that provides companies with greater cost efficiencies and more localised market control over artwork production,” McGrath, stressed today. “Any company that produces volumes of artwork such as marketing material or packaging will benefit from the GLAMS system. We’re presenting GLAMS throughout New Zealand over the coming weeks and that’s the message we will be emphasising in our presentations.”

The specific customer benefits to be stressed in the presentations include:* Cost savings - A quotation module to help businesses efficiently tender design and print work. An automatic artwork module to help businesses eliminate artwork costs on template based jobs such as business cards, letterhead etc.

• Time savings that eliminate delays for signing off artwork * Ownership - All native files are ultimately stored in the customer’s GLAMS repository as opposed to being left with a third party vender
• Traceability - Electronic signatures that provide an audit trail and accountability throughout the creative process.
• Control that allows users to stop and start production to suit manufacturing capacities or last minute regulatory changes or marketing campaign adjustments
• Flexibility that gives new or temporary outsource vendors controlled access to artwork collateral when capacity is an issue
• Real time decision making made possible as the entire system solution is hosted from the Internet All of the above can be achieved with online inputs from any location via Secure Remote Web Access, thus eliminating the need for decision makers to be in house. Colm McGrath can be contacted at

About The Perigord Group
The Perigord Group was established in 1976 and is a production services and software development agency. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Perigord has development offices in Auckland, New Zealand, Connecticut & California, US and Singapore. The company is owned by Alan Leamy (CEO) and Paul Leamy (CTO). Perigord’s worldwide client list includes leading corporate companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, Xbox, Bose, GSK, Hasbro, Intel & Pfizer.

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