Harness the power of the only artwork management software system built specifically for Life Science companies. Developed with our deep industry knowledge, GLAMS (Global Labelling Artwork Management System) empowers your team by providing you with a process driven, scalable and fully validated artwork management software platform.


GLAMS is used in highly regulated industry environments every day. GMP, Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, GLAMS gives you peace of mind when it comes to staying on top of all your regulatory requirements. Combined with the GLAMS complete audit trails and backed by our industry expertise, GLAMS is the best tool for ensuring your artwork is always compliant, no matter the product or territory.


Optimise control of your process. GLAMS helps you take the complex and make it concise, creating optimised workflows that include all stakeholders This all happens with our GLAMS implementation team, who work alongside your artwork team to exactly map your processes into GLAMS and provide real paths to improvement. Get industry best practice workflows that don't disrupt what you do but instead, improves how you do it.


Track every job from beginning to end. GLAMS provides full audit trails for every workflow, opening up a wealth of information. Gain a full overview of your artwork jobs, see where approval bottlenecks are, when regulatory checks are made and see who exactly has final sign-off.


GLAMS grows with you. Our modular approach means you can unlock more functionality, more storage, more users and more workflows as you need. Adding a new system outside GLAMS like SAP or Oracle? Seamless integration means you can be assured GLAMS will feed into your overall process. And we don't just leave it all to you; we'll be there to manage and advise any upgrade process, ensuring you have the smoothest path to growth possible.

Support & Validation

A system built from the ground up for the Life Science industry, GLAMS is also developed in line with GAMP 5 guidelines and our own strict internal quality standards. We are committed to providing ongoing support to every installation, with dedicated support staff ready to assist you with any issues. We handle your complete suite of validation documents resulting in effortless system implementation. Every part of the GLAMS install process is documented, checked and signed off on, giving you peace of mind when it comes to audits, regulatory checks or upgrades. 

GLAMS in Action 

We moved a large CMO over from a 100% paper-based system, managed by a small team, to a GLAMS digital platform. That small team gained far greater flexibility and have now expanded their capacity, all while working in a fully validated and compliant system.

Our process experts worked alongside the customer to fit GLAMS around what they do, improving and enhancing routine templates instead of overwriting and creating new ones. The workflows from those sessions were then configured by Perigord and the system went live.

‘Using a validated and industry recognised artwork management system like GLAMS gives you greater peace of mind.’

The greatest strength of GLAMS for our customer is the ability to quickly bring on board new contract work. Offering the power to alter or create entirely new workflows and routine templates, there is no more scrambling to get to grips with a huge batch of new paperwork.

Instead, our customer can implement exactly what is required of them and instantly deploy the new revision standards, approval stages and printer sign-offs across the team.