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Perigord Resource Library

Welcome to our online resources library. Perigord promote a culture of quality, operational excellence and GMP compliant processes. These documents share some of our experience in managing artwork through the artwork lifecycle process, and what we believe is critical in ensuring excellence. We hope you will find these resources helpful.

The Write Stuff - Article

Perigord explains the importance of compliant, validated labelling and artwork solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.

4 Common Pharma Artwork Hurdles & How to Avoid Them

If you are looking for fully compliant and error-free pharma artworks to hit the market efficiently while reducing your stress levels, keep an eye on the following four most common pharma artwork hurdles.

Brexit Pharma Artwork: Challenges & Solutions

We've been looking at some of the possible outcomes of Brexit for the Life Science Industry and specifically, what effect it could have on artwork. Our regulatory experts have put together this overview of the challenges and solutions to the Brexit conundrum.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

Perigord strives to be a responsible corporate citizen, wherever we do business.

Digitisation, De-Risking and Differentiation:

It is our experience and knowledge of big pharma that puts us in a position to offer CMOs a unique value proposition, a solution that helps to quickly bring on-board new clients with ease and manage complex artwork using best-in-class workflows.

Focus on the Fundamentals

Fundamentals. The drab cousins of the headline grabbers like AI or Pharma 4.0. But focussing on them can be the investment that offers the most long-term rewards for companies in terms of risk mitigation, cost reduction and improved overall agility.

How to Successfully Launch a Rx Product in the US Spotlight on: Packaging Graphics and Labeling

Launching your Rx product into the US market can be a lot like trying to land a fighter jet on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier in the middle of a raging storm.

Meeting USDSCSA and Serialization Requirements

As serialization codes have to be included on all salable units, this chapter focuses on label design and serialization elements that are needed to comply with the new regulations.

Perigord GLAMS Analytics

The GLAMS Business Intelligence and enhanced KPI Reporting feature provides configurable dashboards allowing faster analysis and reporting.

Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling 2016 Trend Report

According to recent research, the global pharmaceutical packaging market is forecasted to reach more than US$80 billion in revenue by 2020.

RX Product US Launch - Package Development Timeline

Lenny Figorski talks about the development phases leading to FDA submission, as well as activities related to validation and verification prior to product launch.

Solutions to Optimise Your End-to-End Artwork Process

Perigord explains the importance of compliant, validated labelling and artwork solutions in the pharmaceutical sector and is offering the solutions to optimise your end-to-end artwork process.

Take the Risk Out of Your Pharma Packaging Process

Risk in the Life Sciences industry is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if your company is going to manage it, it’s a matter of how, and more importantly, how well.

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